Enterprise Data & Integration

Maximize data use and cut integration costs

Case Study
Anglian Water Uses Utility GIS Solutions for Better Network Management
 Needing to manage the water resources and infrastructure, Anglian Water implemented a utility network management solution to centralize its asset data, integrate with other enterprise systems, and streamline field operations.

The technical demands on utility GIS are growing, driven by the need to support faster and more efficient operation through automation and increased coordination and tracking of processes across business platforms. Utilities require systems to maintain records that are more consistent and current, and enable ready integration with other systems.

A key advantage to our solutions is the flexibility in access and use of data and capabilities. Open data storage, support for interoperability standards, and the provision of interfaces ensures operators can provide quick staff access to definitive data and readily integrate information and process with other business platforms.

The overall effect is to support the widest application of existing data and streamline processes to accelerate information flows, remove redundant tasks, and enable delivery of enhanced capabilities.

Boost Efficiency

Coordinate processes and data across systems to streamline workflows and remove duplicative tasks.

Use Better Data

Enable enterprise wide access to definitive records and remove process disconnects that introduce data errors, inconsistency, and latency.

Reduce Costs

Leverage open data and interoperability interfaces to simplify the development and maintenance of custom applications and systems integration.

Explore Solution Capabilities

ERP Integration
Intergraph G/Technology supports the rich version management, analysis, and reporting capabilities needed to model and manage engineering life cycles, including coordination with other business-critical platforms such as ERP, WAMS, and MWM. Direct coordination of process and sharing of information with these systems enables the business to remove disconnected, duplicated, and contradictory processes. This delivers significant benefits; operators can enhance safety, save money, and expedite work while improving the accuracy and currency of their records.

As one of the most widely used ERP platforms, we have developed an interface module that connects Intergraph G/Technology to SAP to simplify the integration and management of core IT processes and business functions, including asset and work management.

Being web services-based, the integration removes the need for point-to-point interfaces, which are costly to implement, maintain, and upgrade. ERP supports a range of integration points with SAP and enables enterprise application integration through any service oriented architecture (SOA)-based integration platform, such as SAP PI, Software AG webMethods, Microsoft BizTalk, and Oracle SOA Suite.
Enterprise Interoperability
We provide comprehensive tools for maximizing access to enterprise data to enable its widest application across the business and enable our solutions to adapt to customer's current and future requirements. This flexibility is achieved through support for interoperability interfaces and highly effective data publishing capabilities.

The core GIS platform, G/Technology uses open data storage in Oracle, which provides direct access to any authorized Oracle client application. This is supplemented by support for a range of interoperability interfaces that enable direct interaction with location-based records, such as ISO/OGC GML, WMS, WFS, and WFS-T.
Enterprise Data Access
In addition to tools to create and maintain asset records, we also provide comprehensive capabilities for maximizing enterprise access to GIS and other location-based data. Our technology helps overcome common challenges, such as serving data from different source systems, supporting diverse client software packages, and enabling efficient management and fast streaming of massive data sets like aerial photography or LiDAR. Our solutions support rapid data discovery and secure access across departments, service delivery partners, and diverse platforms.

Automate geospatial data discovery and cataloguing, optimize image storage, and accelerate delivery.
Intergraph NetWorks
Extend your Intergraph G/Technology capabilities and connect your enterprise to its network model.
Enable rapid, affordable, tailored interface development.