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London Hydro Uses Outage Management System, Improves Customer Service

Needing to keep dispatchers focused on power restoration efforts during utility outages, London Hydro implemented outage management and interactive voice response solutions to reduce dispatch call volumes, streamline customer communications, and improve customer satisfaction.

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Urban smart city London Hydro in Ontario Canada

Water utilities have a strong focus on customer service, and must perform to regulatory targets. We help water companies improve customer satisfaction through better asset management, faster reinstatement of service, and enhanced communications and interaction with their water provider.

By harnessing the network and operational records maintained by our GIS, water providers can streamline fault logging, equip call center staff with greater insight, deploy customermobile apps, provide richer content to customer-facing websites and online services, and plan emergency water supplies.


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We have saved time and given our staff the ability to focus on restoring power during outages rather than fielding customer calls.
- Syed Mir Vice President Corporate Services & CIO, London Hydro