Safe Cities Results

Improve operations, increase cooperation, expand engagement.

Safe Cities Results

Hexagon's Safety & Infrastructure division makes cities safer and more resilient through connectivity between systems, collaboration between teams, and greater intelligence in operations, which leads to sustainable solutions and more accountable services. Our integrated solutions and coordinated capabilities amplify the benefits and impact of individual applications to improve city operations, cooperation, and engagement.


Improved Operations

By automating processes and equipping personnel with the right information and capabilities, we help cities target resources to better manage growing demands.

Increased Collaboration

By reducing technical redundancies and gaps, we help city agencies work together with a common purpose to deliver better safety, resilience, and value for citizens.

Modernized Services

Taken together, the sum of our capabilities is greater than the parts, helping to modernize systems and improve service quality across multiple city functions.


Enhance Response

Through earlier incident detection, better data, and technology-empowered personnel, cities can achieve more efficient, safe, and effective response with better outcomes.

Speed Recovery

By identifying and assessing impacts, and developing actions plans, cities can coordinate recovery activities and achieve a return to pre-incident conditions faster.

Improve Services & Outcomes

By applying operational data and experiences to planning and engagement, cities can improve operations, resource management, and public outcomes.

Reduce Costs

Through integrated technologies and enterprise information architectures, cities can reduce the total cost of ownership to deploy and maintain increasingly complex solutions.

City of Newport News

The City of Newport News, Virginia, connects video surveillance with dispatch capabilities for better situational awareness, faster response times, and more informed decision-making.

Halton Regional Police Services

Halton Regional Police Services uses Hexagon's business intelligence software to streamline data management, improve operational efficiencies, and make better decisions.

LAFIS Association

Emergency services in eastern and in parts of central and northwestern Switzerland use Intergraph Planning & Response to harness common objectives, share information, and manage the entire life cycle.

New Zealand Police

New Zealand Police uses Hexagon’s mobile response application to improve officer productivity, data sharing, and situational awareness.

Uttar Pradesh Police

Uttar Pradesh Police deploys a suite of public safety software from Hexagon to manage India’s largest emergency response system, serving 220 million people and answering 100,000 calls each day.