Safe Cities

Connectivity, collaboration, and intelligence for safe cities.

Safety in cities depends on multiple services working with singular purpose on common objectives. However, there is no overall view of risk, no single responsible authority, and no unified funding that spans across public and private sector services and levels of government. This failure compromises a city's ability to tackle fundamental safety issues and results in disconnects between expectations and how individual organizations operate and are measured.

Hexagon helps cities overcome these challenges to become safer and more resilient. We provide connectivity between systems, collaboration between teams, and greater intelligence in operations, which leads to sustainable solutions and more accountable services.


Growing Demand

With fewer resources, agencies and city governments face more calls for service, changing mission scope, and greater frequency and severity of major incidents.

Increasing Complexity

Dense populations, interdependent infrastructure and services, and greater effects from incidents pose complex safety and security risks for cities and citizens.

Changing Expectations

Increased public scrutiny and service expectations affect public perception of safety and agency legitimacy.


Improve Operations

By automating processes and equipping personnel with the right information and capabilities, we help cities target resources to better manage growing demands.

Increase Cooperation

Through shared tools and information, we help city agencies bridge gaps, work together with a common purpose, and coordinate actions to improve safety.

Expand Engagement

Through interactive tools, context-based information, and performance monitoring and reporting, we help cities modernize services and improve stakeholder engagement.

Safe City Framework

Flexible to implement within a city’s IT infrastructure

Safe City Capabilities

Mission-critical components that advance city capabilities

Safe City Results

Improve operations, increase cooperation, expand engagement