Critical Infrastructure Protection

Respond quickly and effectively to incidents and threats.

Case Study
BWI Airport Deploys Integrated Security and Response Solution
Needing to support multi-agency incident management and response at BWI Airport, the Maryland Aviation Administration integrated physical security information management and computer-aided dispatch systems to improve situational awareness and consolidate dispatching and service processing.


Enhance Information

Improve the quality, timeliness, and availability of critical information for better situational awareness.

Optimize Resources

Improve safety and security operations by deploying resources only when and where they are needed.

Integrate Capabilities

Enable earlier and more effective response, increasing safety, threat containment, and restoration of business operations.

Airport Safety & Security
Ensure safe, secure, and efficient operations.
Border Police & Security
Resolve incidents, improve investigations, and enhance law enforcement and security along national borders.
Industrial Safety & Security
Reduce downtime, enhance response to accidents and threats, and improve personnel safety and asset security.
Military Installation
Ensure the safety of personnel and the security of assets and facilities.
Rail Safety & Security
Identify risks, improve response, and protect critical infrastructure.
Traffic & Roadside Assistance
Enhance roadway safety and improve traffic incident management.