HxGN NetWorks Core | Mobile

HxGN NetWorks Core | Mobile is the new GIS mobile solution fully integrated within the G/Technology Suite. This mobile solution provides an intuitive GIS interface that allows you to review your assets, online or offline.

For the typical utility company, two-thirds of total employees are field based. This makes the extension of critical business applications to remote users a key opportunity for productivity improvement and cost reduction. By extending those systems onto the latest devices, utilities will continue to improve their ability to meet customer demands and keep the lights on.

HxGN NetWorks Core | Mobile is an app connecting tablets and smartphones with Hexagon's G/Technology systems. It lets mobile users view, search, and trace the network model and redline, edit, and capture a digital round trip in disconnected mode. In addition, it is simple enough to hand over to subcontractors.

Please note: This product is only available in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa).

Hexagon enables utility providers to:

  • Use data directly where it's needed
  • Include background information to better understand correlations
  • Display the whole workflow from planning and design to operations, asset management, and new services

Mobile devices are vital for utilities to:

  • Protect crews, assets, services, and the public
  • Boost efficiency
  • Enable employees to make the right decisions in the field using accurate, up-to-date information

HxGN NetWorks Core | Mobile revolutionizes field work by:

  • Increasing situational awareness
  • Connecting workflows between office and field
  • Giving immediate access to relevant, reliable data — even when network connections drop — directly where it is needed


Key Features