I/CAD Call Handling & Dispatching

Enhance the speed and efficiency of call handling and dispatching.


With I/CAD, call-takers, dispatchers, and supervisors benefit from streamlined tools to field calls, create and update events, and manage resources in real time from a single interface. Users can dispatch services more effectively, monitor events and personnel more comprehensively, and empower responders with better and more accurate information. Our software enhances the speed and efficiency of call handling and dispatching.


Dynamic Information

Receive real-time, critical information from multiple sources and send to multiple field resources.

Smarter Workflows

Automate key functions for call, event, and resource management for quicker response.

Location Intelligence

Visualize calls, events, and resources for better situational awareness.

Products & Capabilities

I/Dispatcher & I/Calltaker

I/Dispatcher provides complete capabilities for call-taking, dispatching, and resource management. It features dialogue and map-based views of calls, events, and units and automatically recommends and routes resources based on location, availability, skills, and more. With I/Dispatcher, call-takers, dispatchers, and supervisors can verify calls, create events, and dispatch and monitor resources quickly and confidently.

Through interfaces to external systems, users can automate event creation from alarms; run queries on records and external databases; communicate in real time with field personnel via mobile computers, smartphones, radios, and more; and track and monitor AVL and GPS-enabled units and personnel for better resource management, situational awareness, and personnel safety.

A subset of I/Dispatcher, I/Calltaker supports call entry, event creation, and automatic call routing for organizations that separate call-taking and dispatching functions. An add-on component, I/AutoDispatch identifies and schedules dispatching of units for non-emergency situations, balancing workload and optimizing resources for planned jobs.

Intergraph OnCall Dispatcher

Intergraph OnCall Dispatcher provides core call-taking and dispatching via browsers. It features a highly productive, easy-to-use interface and workflows that are simple to deploy and maintain across multiple sites.

It extends dispatching capabilities to remote, supervisory, and occasional-use roles, to deliver wider incident management support at significantly lower cost than full call-taking and dispatching seats. It also enables smaller agencies to leverage the capabilities and benefits of a shared dispatch system without the capital and operational costs of installed clients or virtualization. And in situations where a PSAP has become inoperative, Intergraph OnCall Dispatcher provides a rapidly deployable contingency CAD client, increasing resilience and ensuring continuity of operations.

Intergraph OnCall Dashboard

Intergraph OnCall Dashboard keeps control rooms and managers aware of current operations and developing trends for events and first responder units without the cost and overheads of custom dashboards. By combining summarized live data and rolling short-term data histories, Intergraph OnCall Dashboard delivers a rich, yet concise, single-source overview of PSAP operations.

With out-of-the-box data connections to the Intergraph Computer-Aided Dispatch (I/CAD) system, pre-configured dashboard gadgets, and web access, Intergraph OnCall Dashboard is simple to use, easy to deploy and maintain, and requires minimal training.

Communications Controller

To support Next Gen 911 initiatives, communications centers need tools to more tightly integrate telephony and leverage voice, text, and multimedia data. Intergraph Communications Controller integrates voice, text, and data in one easy-to-use system for Next Gen 911 workflows. It enables call control and event creation in a single environment with common call management functions.

With Intergraph Communications Controller, agencies can interact with different communications systems and consume new data and services. Users can associate multiple calls with events and view answered and pending call locations on the map, providing critical information earlier in the process.

With Intergraph Communications Controller, agencies can improve information, reduce errors, and enable Next Gen 911 workflows.

Video Responder

Information from CCTV, traffic cameras, crime cameras, and other video surveillance systems can provide critical insight to incidents. Video Responder integrates video feeds into dispatcher workflows for better situational awareness. Video Responder automatically displays the closest feed to an event and enables users to access multiple feeds simultaneously. Users can also monitor live feeds and create events based on observed incidents. With Video Responder, obtain more complete incident information and enhance the value and effectiveness of video surveillance deployments.

With a service area of two million people, E-Comm needed a comprehensive computer-aided dispatch solution to support its growing call volume with mobile and web capabilities.
Bavarian State Police
Bavarian State Police use computer-aided dispatch to unify statewide command center operations and support first responders with location-based incident data.
Calgary 911
Calgary 911 uses computer-aided dispatch system to consolidate operations, streamline dispatch workflows, and better serve multiple response agencies.