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Enabling Multi-agency Interoperability

In a recently published article by the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure’s Intergraph Planning & Response technology is featured as a multi-agency interoperability solution. Read the full article today.

How Planning and Response Solutions Make Multi-agency Collaboration Easier and Faster

In a recently published article by the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure’s Intergraph Planning & Response technology is featured as a solution that helps organizations overcome incident management challenges by enabling multiple agencies to respond, communicate, and collaborate within a common operating picture. Read the article today.

Six Critical Emergency Response Steps

From roadways to subways, transportation infrastructure is vital to the economies of cities, states, and countries. In a recent article for Canadian Underground Infrastructure, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure Solutions Consultant Kevin Young discusses how to overcome emergency management and response issues by using Intergraph Planning & Response.

Becoming More Resilient to Emergency Events

In this post, we highlight lessons learn from a panel discussion between officials with the City of Toronto and the city’s utility provider, Toronto Hydro. The panel was part of the Conference Board of Canada’s recent Resilience Conference. On May 17, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure will be guest hosting a webcast with the Conference Board of Canada that talks about the importance of planning and training in emergency management, as well as solutions that allow organizations, governments, and companies to better prepare for and respond to emergencies.

Commit to a Smarter Field Asset Inspection Solution

Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure Mobile Link is an intelligent add-on for G/Technology that has the ability to capture, edit, and update utility network data for multiple assets at a time, using a single edit-on-site capability. Discover how Mobile Link allows geospatial asset management and inspection to take place efficiently and effectively.

Intergraph Canada SG&I User Conference: How Events Can Serve Innovation

Technology conferences and seminars create an environment for the transference of knowledge and experience from persons, companies, and departments, from industry to industry. Events connect communities and spread innovative thinking, new ideas, and ingenuity.

Intergraph Canada: A Busy Month in Public Safety

At Intergraph Canada, we’ve been very busy this month in the public safety and security sector. We’ve made exciting product announcements and attended important industry events. Here are some highlights on what we’ve been up to.

3 Steps to Shaping the Future of Emergency Management

Whether you work in utilities, public safety, transportation, energy, armed forces, local government, manufacturing or services, we are all charged with the social and fiduciary responsibility to positively affect what happens to multiple stakeholders in our backyard.

Consider These UAV Applications

In the Canadian oil fields, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are used for surveying land and inspecting equipment.


Recently, we were able to partake in a demonstration of Hexagon’s Aibot X6 UAV with various companies, including a utility provider that was looking to use UAVs for inspection purposes, along with other applications. Check out this video of the Aibot X6 in action.