Achieving More with the Latest Version of Intergraph InPursuit WebRMS

Records management systems are fundamental to law enforcement. They serve agency-wide needs, aiding operational management, case management, investigations management, resource management, reporting, and more. But today’s law enforcement agencies have to address growing demands and changing missions against a background of constrained resources. Simply put, they have to achieve more with less.

Recently, we released Intergraph InPursuit WebRMS v3.7 to deliver new and improved records management and workflow capabilities that will enable law enforcement agencies to realize greater productivity while reducing costs. Here’s a look at InPursuit WebRMS's new capabilities and the challenges they address.

Problem: Productivity is slow and ineffective and information and data quality are poor.
Solution: WebRMS delivers improved productivity and data quality.

With new and enhanced capabilities and workflows for incidents, arrests, accidents, DUI, crime scenes, the latest versions of InPursuit WebRMS reduce the time required for capturing, managing, and searching for data. New narrative templates, custom report output forms, type-ahead functionality for Offense Code entry, custom drop downs, data validation, and easier report creation from dispatch information enhances data quality, make law enforcement records easier to manage and requiring few resources to do so.

Problem: Agencies have difficulty accessing information and sharing content.
Solution: WebRMS delivers enhanced coordination and information accessibility.

InPursuit WebRMS streamlines interaction between modules and applications as well as between police stations and field officers. With easier integration with Intergraph Computer-Aided Dispatch (I/CAD) system, Intergraph Mobile for Public Safety, InPursuit Field Based Reporting, and third-party CAD systems; better data transfer mechanisms between arrest, booking, and inmate modules, the latest version of InPursuit WebRMS removes duplicated data and captures tasks, supports data exchange with external applications, enhances data quality, and accelerates information flows.

Problem: Agencies have limited ability to report on and analyze large amount of information and data.
Solution: WebRMS provides greater insight and awareness through delivered features and ease of data integration.

By removing manual data entry and process disconnects, enhancing messaging and information sharing, and improving data search, the latest version of InPursuit WebRMS delivers enhancements that make new information visible across a law enforcement agency sooner. They also have full support of geospatial data elements and attributes in key modules (e.g., Incidents, Arrests, Field Interviews, Calls for Service) to align with external, analysis tools such as Business Intelligence Direct for WebRMS as well as third-party tools such as Microsoft Office Excel 3D Map and Microsoft PowerBI Desktop.

Problem: Agencies have a difficult time managing and configuring existing systems.
Solution: WebRMS delivers simplified administration and customization through easier-to-use tools.

InPursuit WebRMS is designed to further reduce system costs and the effort required to adapt to agencies’ specific needs. With customizable and configurable content and data capture, improved integration between I/CAD and Mobile for Public Safety, the latest version of InPursuit WebRMS simplifies administration, customization, and interfaces out-of-the-box. They also offer enhanced security and auditing to meet U.S. Federal, Department of Justice, and CJIS 2016 Security and Information Management requirements.

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About Jamie Algatt

Jamie Algatt has over 21 years of experience in the law enforcement and public safety industry. He has worked for Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure for over 10 years. His past work and experience has included performing the duties of a police officer and training officer as well as transitioning that experience to the private sector. He is currently responsible for managing the strategy and vision of Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure’s law records, mobile apps, business intelligence, analytic and predictive analysis software applications. Previously, he was responsible for managing worldwide business development efforts for records Management, intelligence and analytics products. His vast experience in U.S., federal and international law enforcement and security activities provides a diverse understanding of the constantly changing needs of technology in public safety and homeland security. His experience includes local, state, federal and multiple international projects and customers. Jamie’s diverse background and experience also includes project management of large scale, and enterprise application deployment in the public sector. He has been directly responsible or has assisted in the deployment, implementation and training of software and hardware solutions to meet the needs of local, county, state, international and federal public safety agencies.