Embracing Change – One of Life’s Great Teachers

Change is inevitable, and it is one of life’s great teachers.  We can either choose to embrace it or ignore it. But I think life is much more exciting when we choose to embrace change and take the proactive approach to learn from it.

The Intergraph name change will be something new – and positive for all of us – those who wear the logo, as well as those who use the products.  Hexagon represents a global brand with key critical assets and infrastructure, which truly distinguishes and differentiates our organization in the global market place.

In today’s economy, it is not only important to be global but to be able to use global capabilities for synergistic competitive advantage and solutions. With this rebranding, we have adopted a name that better highlights our position as a Hexagon business.  This will make it easier for customers and partners to truly understand the breadth of our capabilities, which extend further than our legacy Intergraph SG&I brand. We will be able to leverage thecapabilities and expertise across Hexagon businesses to create and deliver innovative solutions and never-ending value for customers.

Personally, I am excited about the name change. I think it accomplishes two primary goals.  First, it highlights the industries and sectors that we serve and will invest in.  Second, it underscores our global brand and depth of customer-centric solutions that we can bring to the market.

As we undergo this change, it is important to consider how our industries are changing and evolving too. What is important today to public safety agencies, utilities, transportation departments, and others may not be important tomorrow. New developments in information and communication technologies have meant big changes. And that flux in technology doesn’t seem to be slowing down -- for users or vendors.  If you look at it from that perspective, we are all changing together.

I look forward to learning and growing together, and I look forward to the new opportunities we can all share, as part of Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure.

About Bill Campbell

Bill Campbell is the senior vice president of the Americas for Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure. Campbell joined the Hexagon team with more than 20 years of management, sales, and marketing experience.