Expedite deployment and reduce costs

Stadtwerke Bayreuth Energie und Wasser GmbH nutzt ein GIS zur Verwaltung und Visualisierung der Anlagendaten

Nachdem das CAD-basierte Netzinformationssystem die Datenintegration erschwerte, implementierte die Stadtwerke Bayreuth Energie und Wasser GmbH ein GIS, um die Verwaltung von Anlagendaten zu modernisieren, die Visualisierung des Versorgungsnetzwerks zu verbessern sowie die gesetzlichen Anforderungen an Berichterstattung und Dokumentation zu erfüllen.

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Stadtwerke Bayreuth Energie und Wasser GmbH nutzt ein GIS zur Verwaltung und Visualisierung der Anlagendaten

We offer a range of location-based technologies for mapping and managing utility networks, enabling us to provide solutions that fit the needs of utility providers ranging in size from small municipalities to national operations.

For medium to large enterprises, we offer G/Water, an advanced utility GIS solution for water networks built on Intergraph G/Technology. It shares the same foundation as our utility solutions for electric, communications, and gas networks, making it the perfect platform for multi-utility network operators or for single network operators building out fiber to support advanced network control and automation.

For smaller networks, including municipalities or facilitiessuch as airports, we offer systems built on the GeoMedia family of products. Both platforms support coordinated data and operation in multi-user environments, giving greater efficiency and cost sharing.

Expedite Deployment

Enable fast and simple extension to other utility services by adding requisite industry modules for electric, gas, and communications.

Reduce Costs

Benefit from common foundations for database and application licences, skills, development, and interfaces.

Increase Visibility

Provide a common information source for tracking, analysis, and reporting across all utility networks.

EPB of Chattanooga

EPB implements fiber optic network design solution to build a smart grid, improve outage response times, and offer fiber-based communication services.


Die Stadtverwaltung von Winnipeg nutzt ein standortbasiertes Informationsmanagementsystem zur Vereinheitlichung und Georeferenzierung der Infrastrukturdaten, um den...