Enterprise Data & Integration

Maximize data use and cut integration costs

The technical demands on utility GIS are growing, driven by the need to support faster and more efficient operation through automation and increased coordination and tracking of processes across business platforms. Utilities require systems to maintain records that are more consistent and current, and enable ready integration with other systems.

A key advantage to our solutions is the flexibility in access and use of data and capabilities. Open data storage, support for interoperability standards, and the provision of interfaces ensures operators can provide quick staff access to definitive data and readily integrate information and process with other business platforms.

The overall effect is to support the widest application of existing data and streamline processes to accelerate information flows, remove redundant tasks, and enable delivery of enhanced capabilities.

Boost Efficiency

Coordinate processes and data across systems to streamline workflows and remove duplicative tasks.

Reduce Costs

Leverage open data and interoperability interfaces to simplify the development and maintenance of custom applications and systems integration.

Use Better Data

Enable enterprise wide access to definitive records and remove process disconnects that introduce data errors, inconsistency, and latency.

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Automatisieren Sie die Ermittlung zur Verfügung stehender Daten und die Katalogisierung, optimieren Sie die Bildspeicherung und beschleunigen Sie die Datenbereitstellung.

Intergraph NetWorks

Erweitern Sie die Funktionen von Intergraph G/Technology und stellen Sie dem gesamten Unternehmen Engineering- und Netz-Betriebsinformationen bereit.


Ermöglichen Sie die schnelle und kostengünstige Entwicklung von maßgeschneiderten Schnittstellen.