Enterprise Integration

Enable greater flexibility and agility integrating information and processes.

Our solutions support wide access to enterprise records and agile integration of data and processes.

A key advantage of our solution is the flexibility it affords operators in accessing and using its records and capabilities. This is achieved through open data storage, support for interoperability standards, and the provision of interfaces. The combination provides users with rapid access to definitive data, direct from its source. Crucially, it also simplifies information and process integration with other business platforms to provide greater insight, streamlined operations, accelerated information flows, automation, and enhanced capabilities, such as support for end-to-end operations through integration with NRM/OSS platforms.

Nutzen & Vorteile

End-to-End Operations

Integrate with NRM to synchronize planned work, run bi-directional queries, and deliver composite capabilities within the GIS.

Expedited Deployment

Leverage our advanced telecoms model, interoperability capabilities, and standardized interfaces to speed integration with key platforms.

Increased Agility

Harness the flexibility afforded by open data storage in Oracle, OGC/ISO open geospatial web services, and NGOSS and eTOM support.  

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