Erhöhung der Flexibilität, Optimierung der Auslastung, Steuerung von Neubaumaßnahmen und Verbesserung der Kundenzufriedenheit

The communications sector is fiercely competitive. Operators continue to extend capacity and coverage in response to sustained growth in demand driven by consumers and government broadband programs.

Our telecommunications solutions help address the range of challenges resulting from this growth. They equip operators with the information, insight, and capabilities to optimize utilization of existing capacity, enhance customer satisfaction, and control cost, while maximizing the return on new build.

Comprehensive tools, combined with an advanced telecoms model, enable operators to design, document, analyze, and manage their physical inventory, including complete network connectivity from any device to the inside plant (ISP) termination. Our telecoms solution is designed to integrate with other business-critical platforms, fulfilling the information needs and end-to-end workflows of vital business functions, from strategic planningand design to sales and marketing.


Maximize Return

Optimize network utilization, build-out areas with highest potential, and offer new connections faster all while reducing financial risk.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Find and correct faults faster and respond to service requests more efficiently. 

Adapt to Change

Leverage flexible software and ready access to information to quickly respond to new opportunities, requirements, and technologies.

Automatisierung im Außendienst

Vernetzen Sie die Unternehmenssysteme mit dem Außendienst.

Unternehmensweite Integration

Steigern Sie die Flexibilität und Agilität Ihres Unternehmens durch die Integration von Informationen und Prozessen.

Planung, Verkauf und Marketing

Steuern Sie Investitionen, reduzieren Sie Risiken und verbessern Sie den Service.


Beschleunigen Sie die Bereitstellung und reduzieren Sie die Kosten.