Louisville MetroSafe Uses Computer-Aided Dispatch and Analytics

Needing to unify metro dispatch and support response procedures of individual agencies, Louisville MetroSafe deployed a computer-aided dispatch system and business intelligence software to streamline incident management, improve resource allocation, support multiple agencies, and provide CAD map data to first responders.


The Challenge

When the City of Louisville, Kentucky, and Jefferson County merged to form the Louisville Jefferson County Metro, the newly formed government had nine separate dispatch centers to support police, fire and rescue, and emergency medical services (EMS). To unify these centers, the metro government introduced MetroSafe, a unified communications system for all public safety and emergency response agencies in the metro area.

To support MetroSafe and unify dispatch and response across the metro area, the government needed a single dispatch system that would support a large number of agencies while allowing each to maintain its own unique emergency response procedures. The new dispatch system had to be GIS-based and compatible with in-vehicle mobile solutions, records management systems, and integration with other public safety organizations.

The Solution

Louisville MetroSafe selected Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure’s industry-leading Intergraph Computer-Aided Dispatch system to handle its 911 call-taking and dispatching operations.

With Intergraph CAD in its state-of-the-art consolidated communications center, operators are able to accurately allocate and dispatch first responders from across city police, fire, and EMS, and 18 suburban fire districts.

In the field, the city’s police officers, fire crews, and emergency medical technicians have access to a CAD map, incident location, call details, and crews enroute via mobile data terminals inside the vehicles, minimizing radio traffic.

To better access the larger amount of data, Louisville also deployed Intergraph Business Intelligence for Public Safety software to aid in reporting, analysis, and performance monitoring. The software allows MetroSafe to accurately measure and evaluate response, determine where response times are distributed, and collect and report critical information in real time.

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