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6 Things You Should Know About SCEWC 2019

Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) 2019 kicks off in less than 24 hours! While we wait for the show to begin, here are six things you should know about this week.

4 More Presentations to Attend at SCEWC 2019 A smart city leverages modern technology to better serve the public and keep the community safe. Learn how your city can put data to work by attending these presentations at Smart City Expo World Congress 2019.
4 Can’t-Miss Presentations at SCEWC 2019 in Barcelona How can your city leverage modern technologies to overcome its challenges? Get the answer to this question and more by attending these presentations at Smart City Expo World Congress 2019.
Leverage Your City’s Data: Sessions You Won’t Want to Miss at SCEWC 2019

When a city leverages data to its full extent, the possibilities are endless. In this blog, explore sessions at Smart City Expo World Congress 2019 that will help you put your data to work.

3 Common Government Cloud Myths, Debunked The U.S. Office of the Federal Chief Information Officer has said the cloud is a secure, cost-effective, and proven tool to deploy mission-critical solutions. But there are still misconceptions that keep governments from moving to the cloud. In this post, explore common government cloud myths and the truths that debunk them.
3 Common Cloud Myths, Debunked Born from a lack of information and fed by the desire to be in the know, myths are common misconceptions that can hinder progress and complicate our lives. In this blog post, discover three common myths about the cloud – and the truths that debunk them.
More Answers to Your Questions About the Cloud [Q&A with Microsoft]

What questions do you have about the cloud? In this blog post, we discuss common questions about cloud configurability and the different types of cloud technologies and solutions.

Discover the Tech Driving 4IR

In this blog post, learn about the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), where billions of people and devices are working together to create a more agile and resilient world. Discover how technologies driving 4IR can also build safer, smarter cities.

What We’re Looking Forward to at Smart City Expo World Congress 2019 Innovative technologies. Exciting collaborations. Empowering speakers. Innovative sessions. We’re looking forward to these four things and more at the world’s leading event for cities, Smart City Expo World Congress, 19-21 November 2019.
Transforming the PSAP with HxGN OnCall

Convinced that industry-leading technologies are only for agencies with the biggest budgets? Think again. HxGN OnCall enables PSAPs everywhere to leverage next-generation tech, regardless of size.