Innovative Ways of Working: Applying System Thinking Across Infrastructure and Non-Infrastructure Domains

EMEA utility workers using tablet

Improving customer service and lowering total expenditures (TOTEX) are driving U.K. water utilities to move from non-intelligent asset registers to creating and maintaining a digital twin for entire asset databases.

Initiatives such as the Institution of Civil Engineer's Project 13 and the Centre for Digital Built Britain partnership bring together different sectors to apply innovative ways of working across domains.  At a sector level, a holistic view of the assets is being requested, which provides the life cycle of all water company assets, above and below ground. As a result, process, rather than location, becomes the key requirement.

At Hexagon, our utilities and communications practice has been working to apply system thinking approaches across infrastructure and non-infrastructure domains. We’re leveraging the data within a digital twin to provide value-based work processes covering the complete facility life cycle – improving project and operational efficiency while reducing risk.

For instance, HxGN SDx, from Hexagon’s PPM division, is a data-centric SaaS solution that helps create and maintain the digital twin of a facility. HxGN SDx includes four independent, integrated modules that address a facility’s major life cycle stages, including: projects, operations, construction, and completions. Each module provides work processes, roles, and content tailored to address a specific life cycle phase, along with a comprehensive set of capabilities and additional options.

How are you applying system thinking across infrastructure and non-infrastructure domains?

When it’s time to enhance your utility GIS with asset life cycle information management, consider bringing infrastructure and non-infrastructure domains into your digital transformation.

About Keston Morris

Keston Morris is a Utilities & Communications Practice Lead for Hexagon’s Safety & Infrastructure division in the U.K. Keston has more than 14 years of experience in the U.K. utilities industry, including water, electric, and telecommunications - gaining valuable insights into the country’s utilities sector.