HxGN LIVE 2017 Sneak Peek: Utilities & Communication Sessions

Is your organization looking to enhance its network modeling and management capabilities? Maybe you want to improve the outage experience for your customers. Or maybe you’re thinking about implementing an advance distribution management system. No matter what your organization’s interests are, we feel our Smart Infrastructure sessions offer something for everyone.

If your organization is ready to get more technical and operational value from its Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure solutions, check out the utilities and communication sessions we’ll have at HxGN LIVE 2017.

Intergraph InService’s Improved Outage Workflow Management
Eager to learn how to improve your outage workflows within Intergraph InService? Join us for this session as we explore the new outage workflow management functionality delivered in the next release of Intergraph InService. Hexagon product experts will demonstrate new features and walk you through new dialogs and commands within Intergraph InService Dispatcher.

Hands-on Training: Intergraph NetWorks – Mobile Test Drive
The Intergraph NetWorks Portal 1.1 release introduced support for mobile browsers. Get ready to test this capability firsthand in this interactive training session. Bring your own devices and test drive the connected mobile solution. We’ll talk about your over-arching mobile needs as well.

Hands-on Training: Discovering Powerful Data with Intergraph G/DataBrowser
Analytics and business intelligence are hot topics in today’s industries. In this training session, learn how to mine your utility data to make the right decisions for your organization and your customers through Intergraph G/DataBrowser. It offers you an easy way to extract information directly from the Intergraph G/Technology database. You’ll also have the opportunity to try this software for yourself, and walk through workflows highlighting the power of the solution.

Hands-on Training: Unleash the Power of Legend Builder
Get detailed information on our Legend Builder application in this hands-on training session. See how it simplifies managing legend metadata by sensibly grouping disparate metadata into a single, intuitive workspace. Try your hand at duplicating legends, modifying display control metadata, creating new legends and legend entries, and of course, filtering and modifying existing legend metadata.

Hands-on Training: How to Exploit Intergraph G/Technology Data Via Intergraph NetWorks
Intergraph NetWorks allows you to shape your organization by increasing the visibility and application of your data. With it, you can publish Intergraph G/Technology data into functionally rich, map-based web services that can be ingested by any client. In this training session, discover how to configure and set up Intergraph NetWorks Server components and experience the power of Intergraph NetWorks Portal client.

Hands-on Training: Improve Your Organization’s Advanced Spatial Analysis Needs with GeoMedia
Are you seeking advanced spatial analysis tools to exploit your GIS facility harmonized data? Are you eager to leverage the ever-increasing wealth of spatial, imagery, and attribute data readily available from other departments and external sources? Discover how in this hands-on training session. Join us for a four-hour walkthrough of how to better utilize GeoMedia with Intergraph G/Technology to meet your organization’s advanced spatial analysis needs.

Hands-on Training: Optimizing Storm Management with Intergraph Damage Assessment
When major storms wreak havoc on the power grid, the last thing utility operations need are legacy, paper-based processes for damage assessment. Their time is better spent focusing on utility restoration as quickly and safely as possible, while communicating progress to customers impacted. With Intergraph Damage Assessment, you can optimize storm outage management by automating the work assignment, field data collection, and integration with operational systems. Performing timely damage assessment helps build a better picture of damage, identify and prioritize storm-affected areas, and calculate materials required. Come experience Intergraph Damage Assessment’s storm dashboard and perform assessments in real time using tablets.

Hands-on Training: Improving Customer Outage Experience with Advanced Restoration Time and Outage Notifications
During an outage, communicating accurate and timely information to impacted customers is highly valued, yet challenging to deliver. Customers expect real-time access to the status of restoration, despite utilities not having the right information or means to properly communicate it. Our latest Intergraph InService modules can help. In this session, discover how Advanced Restoration Time leverages data your utility already has to project accurate restoration times. And, when you combine it with Intergraph Outage Notifications, you have everything you need to communicate the information your customers want. Don’t miss this opportunity to test drive these products and learn how they can improve communications during storms.

Modeling Complex Data for Operations with Network Model Management
It’s critical to have a detailed and accurate electric model when operating real-time systems, such as OMS, DMS, SCADA, and advanced network analysis. A good network model should contain all the topological and electrical data needed to support sophisticated algorithms. Without quality data, the advanced calculations will either not converge on a solution, or not be a true reflection of what is actually happening in real time on the distribution grid. In this session, learn more about our solution for network model management. Find out how it can help you aggregate the electric network data from various sources, perform extensive validation, and then translate and export the data in an industry-standard format. Discover how to model data for complex networks without having to replace your existing GIS.

Hands-on Training: How to Configure File Attachments and I/AMI Interface within I/Mobile TC
Spend less time at the repair site and get the power on sooner! In this hands-on training session, discover the new features available in Intergraph InService 9.3. You’ll receive step-by-step instruction on how to configure sending and receiving job attachments within I/Mobile TC, including diagrams or pictures that can help the troubleshooter restore outages quicker. Upon completion of the training, you’ll be able to configure and enable AMI functionality within I/Mobile TC, such as how to correlate real-time meter status information directly to outage jobs.

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