Truth #2: Your Solution Will Change – Expect and Embrace It

“Your solution will change—expect and embrace it.” Those were the words given by 407 ETR, operators of the world’s first all-electronic toll highway, at a recent URISA Ontario webcast titled, “Four Truths to Field Asset Management."

Our world continues to transform as climate change, transient populations, and bureaucrat policies alter the landscape of cities. City managers utilize technology that must not only keep up with the ferocious appetite with which we consume data in order to manage these changes, but be ahead of the ever-evolving status quo.

Systems that have worked in the past may not necessarily be applicable or adequate at present. As more departments write mobile, connectivity, efficient and shared data strategies into their business/operational plans, it is imperative for managers to embrace technology solutions that embrace results. This may also include making enterprise-level platform changes and a shift in operational culture.

I’ll use 407 ETR as an example: the Highway Ops team needed an easy-to-use application that allows connectivity from the road, is GIS capable, and talks to their existing EAM. The objective was to replace a tiresome manual desktop process of disparate systems. 407 ETR’s approach included end users early in the process to ensure that all needs were considered. The resultant application (geospatial field asset management solution) was used in a project that yielded a ROI time savings of over 3 times!

407 ETR recognized a shift in technology was required in order to accomplish their objective. To embrace this change, the Highway Ops team prepared users by involving them early in the process. The architecture and processes that 407 ETR created will now be used in new projects. Intergraph Canada will assist 407 ETR in evolving their solution to meet future requirements.

Read the 407 ETR's case study today.

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