Airport Safety and Security

Ensure safe, secure, and efficient operations.

BWI Airport Deploys Integrated Security and Response Solution

Needing to support multi-agency incident management and response at BWI Airport, the Maryland Aviation Administration integrated physical security information management and computer-aided dispatch systems to improve situational awareness and consolidate dispatching and service processing.

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BWI Airport

Airports are vital elements of global transportation and the supply chain. They must mitigate and respond to risks. Our solutions help airports protect people, infrastructure, and cargo, while also ensuring efficient operations and continuity of service.

With software for operations centers, field teams, and decision-makers, we aid airport operators in managing incidents, facilities, and services, and help police and emergency services ensure public safety and security.


Safer Operations

Quickly understand what’s happening across airport property and deploy resources where needed to ensure safety and continuity of operations.

Smarter Response

Connect teams with information from service calls, alarms, cameras, and sensors for better insight, situational awareness, and response.

Better Coordination

Collect and share information across teams and departments for coordinated incident and emergency management.

Intergraph Computer-Aided Dispatch

Brancheførende software til hændelsesstyring.

HxGN OnCall Records

Robust records management system (RMS) that provides rapid access to reliable information whenever and wherever needed.

HxGN OnCall Planning & Response

Webbaseret app til håndtering af større hændelser og begivenheder, der integrerer og koordinerer ressourcer, procedurer og kommunikation til sikker og effektiv handling.