I/CAD Mobile Applications

Improve productivity and safety.

I/CAD provides field personnel access to critical applications and information. Organizations can deploy mobile dispatch capabilities on laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Field personnel can update event details, access databases, and send and receive messages. By empowering users, our mobile software improves productivity and safety.



Optimize Workflows

Seamlessly connect the communications center and field personnel in one system.

Increase Productivity

Increase the quality of information available and enhance the speed of event creation and resolution.

Improve Safety

Increase personnel safety with better, more complete tools and information.


Products & Capabilities

Intergraph Mobile for Public Safety

Full-featured mobile dispatching capabilities for laptops and Windows 8 mobile devices. Powerful in-vehicle field application.

Intergraph Mobile Responder

Mobile dispatching workflows via native apps for Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android, and Blackberry devices. Simple to deploy, use, and maintain.

Remote Content Manager

IT administrative capabilities, including pushing app and map updates across devices for more efficient system administration.


Update events and communicate with dispatchers and other field personnel in real-time for better incident management.

Maps & Information

Access real-time maps, event and resource information, and databases for better situational awareness.

Multimedia Attachments

Send and receive multimedia attachments associated with events for better situational awareness.

New Zealand Police

New Zealand Police uses Hexagon’s mobile response application to improve officer productivity, data sharing, and situational awareness.

Edmonton Fire Rescue Services

Edmonton Fire Rescue Services uses computer-aided dispatch and integrated map data to reduce response times, costs, and redundant information.

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Intergraph Mobile Responder®

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