Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure Presents Icon Awards to ESB Networks, Halton Regional Police Service and Madhya Pradesh Police

Ireland’s electricity network utility and law enforcement agencies in Canada and India recognized at HxGN LIVE

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama, June 15, 2016

Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure presented ESB Networks Ltd., Halton Regional Police Service and Madhya Pradesh Police with Icon Awards for their visionary use of software to significantly benefit their customers, citizens and communities. Announced at HxGN LIVE, Hexagon’s annual conference, the Icon Awards are Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure’s highest customer award.

“We are proud to partner with industry leaders ESB Networks, Halton Regional Police Service and Madhya Pradesh Police,” said Steven Cost, president, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure. “They represent the best in innovation-led customer and community service. It’s my great honor to present these leading organizations with our Icon Award.”

ESB Networks

ESB Networks is the licensed operator of the electricity distribution system in the Republic of Ireland. ESB Networks relied on a highly bespoke geographic information system (GIS) to meet the specific, daily workflows required by its users. While it served the company well for years, the 25-year-old system was no longer supported and was hosted on aging IT infrastructure. These legacy technologies posed a risk to the delivery of the company’s core business functions and services.

Working with Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure and Hexagon’s partner IrishMapping and GIS Solutions (IMGS) Ltd., ESB Networks implemented a new GIS built upon Hexagon’s Intergraph G/Technology to support the planning, design, construction and day-to-day operations of its electricity distribution network. The Hexagon software serves as a single enterprise solution for the full life-cycle management of ESB Networks’ network assets, improving workflow efficiencies and integrating seamlessly with other business-critical systems. With it, ESB Networks has been able to successfully manage nearly 100,000 miles (160,000 kilometers) of electricity network, serve more than 2 million customers and improve the safety of its field crews.

“We are a regulated monopoly so value for money for customers is an issue for us. We’re constantly looking for improved efficiencies,” said Marguerite Sayers, managing director,ESB Networks. “Our GIS system and our relationship with Hexagon are core to making sure that we can deliver on the promise we make to our customers.”

Halton Regional Police Service

As part of the Greater Toronto Area, the Regional Municipality of Halton is experiencing Canada’s fastest population growth. To better manage growing demand on public safety services, Halton Regional Police Service created a new unit with a mandate to exploit data to make policing more efficient and effective. To conduct meaningful analysis, the agency first needed to transform its data into a useable form.

Halton Regional Police Service partnered with Hexagon to implement Hexagon’s Business Intelligence for Public Safety. Working with Hexagon, HRPS built a data warehouse that consolidated data from various sources.

Police data is now processed through the system. Each individual action performed by officers is time-stamped and classified based on the nature of the activity, and officer location and vehicle speed are also tracked and processed. The data is analyzed to enable proactive and preventative operations.

Armed with monthly, quarterly and annual performance measures, the agency can quantify officer activities, allowing supervisors to better determine how to allocate teams to improve public safety.

“Business analytics are very crucial to how we effectively deploy,” said Chief of Police Stephen Tanner, Halton Regional Police Service. “It's been an honor to have people from across Canada and otherareas of the world recognize our efforts. It’s a fabulous testament to the work of our people to ensure continuous improvement.”

Madhya Pradesh Police

Madhya Pradesh is the second-largest state inIndia with 72 million people and 51 districts, many of which are in remote areas with limited access and connectivity to emergency services. Faced with geographic and infrastructure challenges, Madhya Pradesh Police sought to deploy a unified command-and-control system that would reduce response time and improve service to its citizens across the state.

Madhya Pradesh Police implemented an integrated suite of public safety software from Hexagon, including Intergraph Computer-Aided Dispatch (I/CAD), industry-leading incident management software, and Xalt, an integration platform that enables the organization to develop interfaces to other IT systems. The solution expands Madhya Pradesh Police’s incident response capabilities through map-based views of calls, events and units in the field. The agency’s field officers have in-car access to information in real time to optimize efficiency and improve situational awareness.

Hexagon’s software aids Madhya Pradesh Police in dealing with nearly 100,000 calls per day from 51 cities. The solution has helped reduce response times in urban areas from 30-60 minutes to 5 minutes or less.

“As the response time of the police has reduced, people are much more confident of their safety andfeel safer now,” said Additional Director General of Police Anvesh Mangalam, Madhya Pradesh Police. “We are the pioneers in this country, and it is one of the largest integrated emergency response systems in the world. Now every state in the country is trying to duplicate our efforts,” added Superintendent of Police Amit Saxena.

For videos of each organization and for more information on the Icon Awards, visit http://www.hexagonsafetyinfrastructure.com/icon-awards.