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A Bazaar, a Magician, and a Polar Expedition – Welcome to the Danish Intergraph User Conference

Hosted by the Danish User Group and Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure, this year's Danish Intergraph User Conference will be held March 2 and 3 at the Munkebjerg Hotel in Vejle, Denmark. The conference is dedicated to presenting product news, customer case studies, and training sessions for government agencies and utility providers. Here’s a highlight of what will be happening during the conference.

Green GIS Reduces Carbon Footprint Through Data Storage Efficiencies

In this episode of HxGN TV, EMEA Marketing Manager Matthias Alisch discusses how Green GIS is reducing technology’s carbon footprint with Dr. Uwe Jasnoch, our EMEA industry leader for government, transportation, and defense.

Crafting A Vision for the Future

We find ourselves crafting a new vision for our customers, our communities and our company – a vision expressed by the Hexagon brand. While Intergraph SG&I  brings a heritage and history crafted from decades leading in competitive markets, carrying the Hexagon banner opens up even more opportunities to deliver innovative and flexible solutions to our current and future customers.

Embracing Change – One of Life’s Great Teachers

The Intergraph name change will be something new – and positive for all of us – those who wear the logo, as well as those who use the products.  Hexagon represents a global brand with key critical assets and infrastructure, which truly distinguishes and differentiates our organization in the global market place.

Branding for Growth - What's In a New Name?

In less than a decade, I have seen how we as a company have evolved progressively and steadily. I am confident we are building on a strong legacy of Intergraph SG&I to build an even stronger Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure in Asia Pacific. As a Hexagon brand, we will demonstrate growth, constant value creation, solutions-driven innovation and customer’s satisfaction.

Progress Is Impossible Without Change

After five years as a Hexagon brand, I am pleased to announce that Intergraph SG&I is undergoing an exciting change. We are changing our name. From this day forward, we will be known as Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure.

Intergraph Government Solutions Wins USDA Contract Award

Intergraph Government Solutions (IGS) was awarded a contract by the U.S. Department of Agriculture U.S. Forest Service to provide image processing software across the U.S. Forest Service enterprise.

Intergraph Canada SG&I User Conference: How Events Can Serve Innovation

Technology conferences and seminars create an environment for the transference of knowledge and experience from persons, companies, and departments, from industry to industry. Events connect communities and spread innovative thinking, new ideas, and ingenuity.

Intergraph Presents the First Truly Green GIS

By reducing storage requirements and energy costs, more efficient data centers are also more environmentally friendly. Intergraph aims to make a contribution to these efforts with its new Green GIS initiative in Europe, which offers a more energy-efficient and therefore climate-friendly IT process.

Intergraph SG&I’s Green IT Initiative Nominated for Wichmann Innovation Award

Intergraph SG&I’s Green IT / Green GIS initiative - a Central European campaign - has been nominated for this year’s Wichmann Innovations Award 2015.