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Innovative Ways of Working: Digital Twins in the U.K. Water Industry

In this post, industry expert Richard Goodman discusses how U.K. water utilities can use digital twin technologies, system thinking, and innovations from other industries to better manage infrastructure assets.

Hexagon Shows That the Future Is Flexible at DGI 2018

Hexagon exhibited and presented at DGI 2018, Europe’s largest annual event for defense organizations, government bodies, and intelligence agencies, in London this week. With a full three-day agenda, here's a look at the conference's presentations, topics, and networking discussions.

Why U.K. Government Agencies Should Start Leveraging Geospatial Cloud Solutions

There is increasing demand for cloud-based solutions across government agencies, private industries, and consumer IT markets in the U.K. And while many of these organizations are adopting a cloud-first strategy when implementing new systems or replacement old ones, deployment of cloud-based solutions could be better. Discover why U.K. government agencies should start using geospatial cloud solutions.