Danish User Conference Recap: Passion, Bazaars, and Adventures

Do you know Denmark? The little Scandinavian country that was once inhabited by fierce Vikings, but is now the home to the happiest people in the world, commuting to work on their bicycles and drinking enormous amounts of coffee.

Did you also know that Denmark has a very active Intergraph user group? In early March, 90 Danish Intergraph users spent two days together at our annual Danish Intergraph User Conference. During the conference, our users saw new product features, heard industry news, networked with other users, and learned from each other in new and interesting ways. Here’s a look at the sessions and activities our users experienced at this year’s Danish Intergraph User Conference.

State of the Art GeoMedia Analysis
This year’s conference was all about the users and what makes them tick? In one of the many customer focused sessions, five users showed us what they could achieve when given access to a bunch of data and a GeoMedia licence. Each user had five minutes to present their very best, State of the Art GeoMedia analysis and showed the audience what their passion for data looked like!

GIS Bazaar
The GIS Bazaar was a brand new initiative, which turned out to be a huge success. The Bazaar was made up of six bazaar shops, each representing an industry track. The participants could browse the shops and bring up whatever was relevant to them. One user from a municipality or a utility was in charge of each bazaar shop and could demonstrate the subjects brought up by the participants through a connection to his or her own organization’s system. The Bazaar generated a lot of interaction, mutual inspiration, and new ideas between the participants. Judging from the evaluation comments, the Bazaar will be back next year, bringing even more value to the bazaar guests!

A Taste of Adventure
The conference was not all about GIS-related themes. We were also introduced to why Denmark has presented a claim to the sea bed in five areas near the North Pole, and how data was collected to support these claims. The presentation was a real treat for people who like polar adventures and geopolitics!

Here are a few pictures that we took at the conference.

Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure would like to send a warm thanks to users, partners, and colleagues who participated in this year’s conference, not least the board of the Danish User Group, who put a lot of effort into organizing the event and creating a great agenda! We also owe a big thank you to three special speakers: Uwe Jasnoch, EMEA Leader for Government, Transportation and Defense, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure; Vince Smith, Product Line Director, Hexagon Geospatial; and Mike Baker, Executive Consultant and GIS Magician, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure.

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