Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure Maintains Web Geoportal for the Rhine County of Neuss, Germany

The Rhine County of Neuss, Germany offers deeper insights through their new and free web service. Previously used mainly for government and policy planning, a newly deployed online geospatial portal offers fast and easy public access to geospatial data. The geospatial portal is based on software solutions developed by Hexagon and is comprehensively maintained by Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure in Germany.

As of now, property maps and values can be easily accessed, as well as aerial images, historic maps, land-use plans, and the local landscape plan, including maps on water protection areas. Additionally, concerning future plans, County Governor Hans-Jürgen Petrauschke stated, “Our geospatial portal is designed to be a powerful information resource for a broad range of life situations for citizens of the Rhine County of Neuss.”

Over time, more information services will be included to serve young families as well as senior citizens or handicapped persons. Comprehensive data on building plots, child care, and educational and recreational facilities will advertise the attractiveness of the Rhine County of Neuss to families. The planned extensions of the web platform include hunting and chimney sweep districts, as well as medical facilities. The new geospatial portal unifies diverse local information systems into one information system. “In the future, the public sector will have to provide more extensive and efficient services. This is due partly to the demographic change,” stated County Governor Petrauschke. “The district-wide and nation-wide integration of data sources is immensely important in order to maintain the high level of service of our people-oriented government.”

Since various planning processes in government and the economy are based on timely map information, geospatial portals were primarily used for urban and economic development measures in municipalities. “However, geospatial portals have become very important in our everyday lives,” emphasized Tillmann Lonnes, Head of the County Department for Cadastre and Land Surveying. “The new geospatial portal for the district does not only provide important information to citizens planning on house construction, architects, and landscape architects, but it also offers clearly edited surveying data to all interested citizens.”

The map is the focal point of the portal, offering comprehensible data at the push of a button. Armin von Hagen, Head of Office, and Michael Fielenbach, Coordinator of the geospatial portal project at County Department for Cadastre and Surveying, point out that users can also search for addresses, determine coordinates, measure areas and distances, and use geospatial data of other agencies or private providers, and integrate them into the provided map. The map material, such as aerial images, is updated frequently and are very accurate.

“This is also a success of our SDI solution,” stated Maximilian Weber, Senior Vice President EMEA, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure. “Rhine County of Neuss demonstrates once again how a ground-breaking and sustainable geospatial infrastructure can comprehensively integrate geospatial data and smoothly provide information online to a broad range of users. The goal is to ensure basic access to geospatial data, simplify multiple use, and promote innovation.”

Further information on this topic is available at http://www.rhein-kreis-neuss.de/de/verwaltung-politik/aemterliste/katasteramt/leistungen/geoportal.html. For more information, visit www.hexagonsafetyinfrastructure.com.

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Born 1962, Geographer, Ph.D. (Dr. rer. nat.), 1989-1996 freelance journalist, 1997-1998 Editor-in-Chief of a newly founded Geospatial Magazine, 1999-2015 Marketing Manager at Intergraph, since 2015 Head of Marketing, EMEA at Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure, located in Germany.  

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