Green GIS Reduces Carbon Footprint Through Data Storage Efficiencies

Many technology companies and industry leaders are talking about Green IT and how to minimize technology’s carbon footprint by reducing the power consumption of hardware. In today’s connected world, inefficient software and suboptimal storage practices are also contributing to energy consumption issues.

Recently we launched Green GIS – an initiative across Europe – to reduce geo data volumes and save on storage capacity through our patented ECW (Enhanced Compressed Wavelet) data compression format. Green GIS is designed to drastically reduce the volume of raster data and point clouds, minimizing the energy consumption demands of data storage, server computing, and data transfer rates.

In this episode of HxGN TV, EMEA Marketing Manager Matthias Alisch discusses how Green GIS is reducing technology’s carbon footprint with Dr. Uwe Jasnoch, our EMEA industry leader for government, transportation, and defense.


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