Crafting A Vision for the Future

I am a relative newcomer to the Intergraph SG&I, now Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure, team. But I have known the company for nearly 30 years. My first paying job, in fact, brought me into daily contact with a lot of people in Madison, Alabama with the cerulean logo and name that inspired the future. Intergraph, with its campus full of possibility and its people crafting a vision of the world to come, filled the mind of a young man working at a nearby fast food restaurant with a love for the new and next. I’m the technology optimist I am today just by being on the periphery of Intergraph all those years ago. I emphasize this point, because it’s important to be cognizant that something as seemingly superficial as a company’s brand and logo has a direct influence on the customers we serve and the communities in which we live.

And so, we find ourselves crafting a new vision for our customers, our communities and our company – a vision expressed by the Hexagon brand. I had a number of expectations when I joined Intergraph SG&I; those expectations have been far exceeded due primarily to the breadth and depth of expertise and diversity within the broader Hexagon portfolio of businesses. While Intergraph SG&I  brings a heritage and history crafted from decades leading in competitive markets, carrying the Hexagon banner opens up even more opportunities to deliver innovative and flexible solutions to our current and future customers. Examples that come to mind include public safety computer-aided dispatch implementations in developing regions, as well as leveraging Hexagon Geospatial products to accelerate time to market with mobile capabilities in our infrastructure solutions.  

The Intergraph name will remain in our products, but aligning with the Hexagon corporate identity opens new opportunities to collaborate and encourage communication across brands. Innovation is accelerated and even more value is delivered with our solutions. I see this as critical to supporting strategic product areas like analytics and data visualization. These initiatives then become catalysts for further innovation, providing valuable platforms for extending our product offerings into other areas like asset-focused risk management for infrastructure or cloud-based crime analytics in public safety.

All these innovations and solutions are fantastic opportunities to showcase the Hexagon family to our customers and partners and truly demonstrate the depth of our expertise. But more important to me, and I think to our team members and communities, is the sense of being part of a large, diverse, and exceptional organization that is at the forefront of smart change. Our Intergraph products will continue to be recognized for excellence in our safety and infrastructure markets. Our Hexagon brand fortifies our global capabilities and leadership and opens doors for a whole new generation of technology optimists. They will see our presence in the community – our logo, our campus, our brand – and imagine a future vision they will one day craft themselves.

About Dan Retzer

Dan Retzer serves as Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure’s senior vice president of global product development.