LAFIS Coordinates Major Incidents Across Jurisdictions with Intergraph Planning & Response

To improve collaboration during major incidents and events, emergency services in Switzerland implemented Hexagon’s major event management software to harness common objectives, share information, and manage the entire life cycle.

The Challenge

For public safety agencies, separate command staffs and self-contained incident command processes complicated cross-organizational collaboration and response efforts. While cantonal and municipal agencies in Switzerland deployed liaison officers to exchange information during multi-agency events or incidents across jurisdictions, only the Zurich-area police jointly managed major incidents and events via a shared system.

To improve collaboration and response during natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and large-scale social or sporting events, emergency services needed a shared system that could harness common objectives and information.

The Solution

To support the financing, development, and operation of a shared system by multiple organizations, public safety agencies in eastern and in Switzerland formed the Situation and Command Information System (LAFIS) Association.

Using Intergraph Planning & Response, LAFIS has been able to harness the collective capabilities of diverse responders and provide tools to manage incidents and events throughout the entire life cycle. The system meets the members’ requirements for usability, availability, and user-friendliness to support complex operations.

The association and its shared system simplifies coordination during high-profile activities, such as the World Economic Forum in Davos. Nearly one-third of the Swiss population benefits.

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LAFIS has established itself as an important command staff resource that complements the tactical systems of each operational step.
- Marius Weyermann Head of Incident Command & Operations, Zurich Cantonal Police