CESC Ltd. Uses GIS for Better Utility Network Planning and Operations Management

To better serve its utility customers, CESC Ltd., identified the need to implement a map-based solution to help it manage and map its network assets, reduce customer downtime, streamline operations, and scale its network for future growth.                                                                                     

The Challenge

CESC Ltd. began generating and distributing power in Kolkata (Calcutta) in 1899. Today, it serves 2.7 million customers across 567 square kilometers in the twin cities of Kolkata and Howrah, India.

To address the service demands of a rapidly growing population and the complex design of its distribution network, CESC required a map-based solution to manage its electric infrastructure assets, streamline IT and operations, reduce customer downtime during outages, and scale for future growth.

The Solution

A long-time partner of Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure, CESC upgraded its FRAMME system to a GIS solution specifically designed for utility network modeling and management.

Powered by Hexagon’s Intergraph G/Technology, CESC has realized better network mapping and planning, identified electricity theft, and increased assistance to field personnel. With the geospatial capabilities of Intergraph G/Technology, the company has been able to better prepare for severe weather events and reduce outage response times.

Overall, CESC has streamlined its operations with the help of Intergraph G/Technology and other Hexagon solutions.

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We found the Hexagon software to be so easy to use – so user-friendly – that we were able to hand it over to our junior engineers and do it all in-house.

Rahul Das

Senior Engineer, GIS Alberta Health Services