NJ TRANSIT Deploys GIS to Improve Services to Passengers and Real-time Data Management

To meet customers’ increasing demands for real-time transit data as well as its own desire to improve service delivery, NJ TRANSIT built its technology foundation on a web-enabled GIS solution that streamlines data management, daily operations, and transportation services.


The Challenge

Covering an area of 5,325 square miles and servicing 270 million passenger trips per year throughout New Jersey, New York City, and Philadelphia, technological innovation is essential for NJ TRANSIT’s business – and its customers.

To meet customers’ increasing demands for real-time data to ease commutes as well as its own desire to improve service delivery, NJ TRANSIT needed a solution to collect, view, analyze, and share data on how its transit services were deployed, how they were used, and where improvements could be made. The transportation provider wanted a real-time data management solution to streamline operations and integrate with other maintenance and financial tracking systems.

The Solution

With a bundle of products to support its business and service delivery goals, NJ TRANSIT has been able to build a technology foundation that quickly delivers imagery for planning, enhances data integration and analysis, and provides measurable value to its customers.

Powered by Hexagon’s GeoMedia products, NJ TRANSIT leverages its Linear Referencing System and web services to extend maps and information across the enterprise. ERDAS IMAGINE and ERDAS APOLLO help the agency manage and serve up vast amounts of imagery for various viewing and design workflows. EdgeFrontier provides an integration solutions that aids NJ Transit’s Smart Bus program, which promises to become an increasingly valuable tool for improving transit functions.

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