EDIA Produces Vital Data to Optimize Water Resources and Economic Development

Concerned with the accuracy of its infrastructure data, EDIA formed a cartographic center and leveraged geospatial management software to collect, process, and transform raw geodata into vital information for water resource management and economic development.

Alqueva dam and reservoir

The Challenge

The Empresa de Desenvolvimento e Infraestruturas do Alqueva (EDIA) was created to design, execute, build, and operate the Alqueva Multipurpose Development (EFMA), a network of dams, reservoirs, hydroelectric plants, and irrigation systems serving 20 municipalities in the Alqueva area of Portugal.

Concerned with the accuracy and quality of the area’s available geospatial information, EDIA officials created the EDIA Cartography Center to generate accurate data in the time required. However, the center needed the right tools to turn the raw geospatial data it collected into useful information about the EFMA infrastructure.

The Solution

With existing licensing agreements from Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure, EDIA’s Cartography Center was able to access to the most up-to-date versions of Hexagon Geospatial’s software. The center uses a suite of coordinated products to collect, process, analyze, and understand raw geospatial data and deliver it as useful information.

Hexagon’s solutions not only enable the center to create accurate geospatial information products, they also reduced costs and increased workflow efficiency. Today, EDIA’s Cartography Center supports a number of diverse projects involving cartography, topography, geodesy, and land registry.

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