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5 Key Benefits to Emergency Planning and Response Technology

Whether planned or unplanned, special operations, events and crisis situations happen. Having prepared agencies and organizations is key to restoring order.

Utility and Infrastructure Certificate Programs at HxGN LIVE

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Public Safety and Security Certificate Programs at HxGN LIVE

Make the most of your HxGN LIVE conference experience. Sign up for one of our Public Safety Certificate Programs.

I/CAD Tips & Tricks: Adjusting Your Text and Screen Resolution

All dispatchers and I/CAD users have their own personal preferences when it comes to their computer monitors and screen settings. The following changes are worth investigating to personalize your I/CAD user experience.

Halton Regional Police Service Improves Efficiencies with Business Intelligence

To improve its operational efficiencies and decision-making capabilities, Halton Regional Police Services implemented a business intelligence solution, integrating agency-wide data sources, improving reporting, and informing agency policies.

Webcast: Empowering First Responders with Mobility Solutions

Recently, we presented Empowering First Responders with Mobility Solutions as part of Public Safety Communications’ webcast series. The webcast features our Mobile Responder solution configured for HP’s ElitePad 1000 G2 Rugged tablet and powered by Microsoft Windows 8.1.

Honoring 9-1-1 Dispatch Professionals during National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week

This week, April 12-18, is National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week, which honors the men and women who serve as 9-1-1 calltakers, emergency dispatchers, radio and phone technicians, and other communications staff.

Support Corner: CAD End-user Q&A

In this month’s installation of Support Corner, we’re focusing on Intergraph’s Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) software and answering questions some of our CAD users might not have considered.

Planning & Response: 6 Big Advantages of the Common Operating Picture

From high-level state visits and political demonstrations to natural catastrophes and terrorist attacks, special operations and events often require the coordination of multiple public safety and emergency management agencies. To reduce this burden and disruption, Intergraph Planning and Response (IPR) facilitates effective communication and collaboration support for scheduled and unexpected events.

HxGN LIVE Sneak Peek: G/Technology Updates and Fiber Optics Works

The HxGN LIVE conference in Las Vegas, Nevada is only two months away. Don’t miss this great training and professional growth opportunity.