Using Data Analytics to Make Smart Cities Safer

data trends overlaid on a cityscape

Are you tapping into one of your most precious resources – your data? Public safety agencies today have more data than ever before at their fingertips. How they use that data can drive smarter decision-making and communications, making them more proactive – not reactive – during unplanned major events.

Analytics looked quite different just a few years ago. When an agency wanted answers to a question, they were forced to turn to IT, determine where the data was, compile it, and create a usable report. This process could take days or even weeks to finish. With modern analytics tools, end-users can quickly develop, analyze, and share intelligent reports and dashboards within or outside their organization. The ability to explore complex data and solve business problems in minutes has become a game changer for the industry.

Hexagon’s public safety analytics solutions leverage real-time, cutting-edge technologies to transform large amounts of raw data into actionable insights. Built for organizations and data sets of all sizes, our software makes it easy for decision-makers to assess performance, better allocate resources, and improve operations.

At HxGN LIVE 2019, we’ll showcase how our analytics tools are making cities everywhere safer, smarter places to live, work, and visit.

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And while you’re waiting for June to arrive, watch this HxGN TV episode on the role of analytics in safe cities.

Lucy Berry DeButy
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Lucy Berry DeButy is a content marketing writer and editor for Hexagon’s Safety & Infrastructure division. Part of the global marketing team since 2017, she has bachelor’s degrees in English and journalism from the University of North Alabama and more than 10 years of experience as a writer and editor. A former journalist, Lucy loves sharing stories about how Hexagon solutions are making the world a safer, smarter place to live, work, and visit.

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