Sonoma County Public Safety Consortium Quickly Adds New Response Units to Computer-Aided Dispatch System

Sonoma County Public Safety Consortium Tubbs Fire Webinar

In my last post, I discussed multi-agency response efforts for large-scale unplanned events. More specifically I talked about how the joint communication and interoperability capabilities of Hexagon’s computer-aided dispatch system helped the Sonoma County Public Safety Consortium (SCPSC) dispatch, communicate, and work with multiple response agencies during the Tubbs Fire in October 2017.

During large scale emergencies, natural disasters, and other unplanned events, having the ability to work with other agencies is a necessity for success. However, having the ability to quickly onboard and immediately dispatch new units from the same incident management system can greatly reduce the loss of life and property. In fact, speed is everything.   

In this portion from our webinar with Sonoma County Public Safety Consortium, Don Jones, dispatch manager for Sonoma County Sheriff's Office, and Ken Reese, 911 communications manager for REDCOM Fire-EMS Dispatch, discuss how Hexagon’s computer-aided dispatch allowed the SCPSC to quickly and easily add new response units from outside jurisdictions.


Discover how the Sonoma County Public Safety Consortium used Hexagon’s suite of incident management and response solutions.

Watch the full webinar today.

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