PODCAST: Intergraph Planning & Response Is Changing How Agencies Manage Major Incidents and Events

Intergraph Planning & Response in mission control center at Kassel Fire Brigade.

The scale, complexity, and unpredictability of major incidents and events creates significant operational challenges that truly set them apart from routine incident management. Consider the amount of coordination that goes into having law enforcement agencies, fire and rescue services, EMS, utility providers, transportation authorities, and branches of the military respond to multiple impacts created by natural disasters, acts of terrorism, large-scale emergencies, festivals, and sporting events. And that these impacts must all be managed in parallel.

Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure’s Intergraph Planning & Response is changing the way these agencies and organizations respond to planned and unplanned major events. It integrates and coordinates resources, procedures, and communications for individual agencies or across jurisdictions and tiers of command. It also comprehensively fulfills incident command system (ICS) requirements.

In this HxGN Radio podcast, Rod Martinsen, managing consultant for Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure, talks about how Intergraph Planning and Response helps manage and streamline public safety concerns in real time. Listen as he discusses how Intergraph Planning & Response harnesses the collective capabilities of diverse responders and provides a single source of information throughout the entire life cycle of major incidents and events.


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