LAFIS Uses Intergraph Planning & Response to Coordinate Major Incidents Across Jurisdictions

LAFIS Case Study

For public safety agencies in Switzerland, separate command staffs and self-contained incident command processes complicated cross-organizational collaboration and response efforts. While agencies in the region deployed liaison officers to exchange information during multi-agency events or incidents near cantonal borders, only the Zurich-area police jointly managed major incidents and events via a shared system.

Needing to improve collaboration and response during natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and large-scale social or sporting events, regional emergency services in parts of eastern, central, and northwestern Switzerland formed the Situation and Command Information System (LAFIS) Association to support the financing, development, and operation of a shared incident command system. Nearly one-third of the Swiss population benefits.

Discover how LAFIS leverages Intergraph Planning & Response to harness the collective capabilities of diverse responders and provide tools to manage incidents and events throughout the entire life cycle.

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