Preparing for the Unknown: Technology as a Force Multiplier in Emergency Management

Emergency management technology as a force multiplier.

With over 50 declared disasters in the United States so far this year, it is not a matter of when a disaster will strike, but how prepared agencies are to deal with one when it occurs. And, this number does not include other types of unplanned incidents such as riots, acts of terrorism, industrial accidents, and mass casualties.

With states and counties competing for limited funds, it is imperative to invest in technology that dramatically increases the effectiveness of all the groups involved in emergency management. And those groups extend well beyond emergency management and public safety agencies to secondary and tertiary responders, such as utilities, health services, and voluntary and community groups.

Managing multiple groups of sometimes disparate, yet essential responders presents a challenge to emergency management personnel, especially when it comes to effectively and efficiently sharing information and coordinating actions across organizations and jurisdictions. This is painfully evident during a major unplanned event.

That’s why incident managers are increasingly seeking a force multiplier that can significantly enhance the situational awareness for the entire first responder team. Incident managers are looking for a solution to provide each response group with the right information at the right time, so that resources can be deployed as effectively, efficiently, and as safely as possible.

In the latest white paper by Frost & Sullivan, Smart Public Safety Emergency Planning and Response Solutions, emergency management professionals will get insights into utilizing technology as a force multiplier to manage the entire life cycle of emergency operations. This white paper also includes case studies of organizations that have already harnessed the power of planning and response technology and the outcomes these organizations have experienced.

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