PSAP Regionalization – Best Practices for Interoperability

Salt Lake County 911 Dispatcher.

Public safety answer point (PSAP) consolidation is a growing trend among cities, counties, and countries. And there are two primary factors driving this trend: resources and interoperability.

For many agencies, resources are more than finances and budgets; resources are about adequately staffing and effectively operating communication centers with systems that have become increasingly complex. There’s also a need to share incident data among multiple response agencies within a jurisdiction, which requires incident management systems that are designed for interoperability. But these systems require bigger staffs and bigger budgets. As a result, many agencies are opting to consolidate to benefit from operational, financial, technological efficiencies.

In this HxGN TV episode, I talk to John Whitehead, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure, and Tim Hannah, South Sound 911, about different consolidation models and best practices for PSAP interoperability. Watch as we discuss how South Sound 911 successfully consolidated five dispatch centers to serve 41 police and fire agencies in Pierce County, Washington.


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