ESB Networks Receives GIS Award from Ireland's National Geospatial Industry Association

ESB Networks receiving award from IRLOGI

Image courtesy of IRLOGI.

ESB Networks, Ireland’s national electricity distribution company, was recognized by IRLOGI with its 2015 award for Best GI Application in the Public Sector. In making the award, the judges recognized the project’s “impressive scale” and number of business systems that interact with the GIS. In its submission, ESB explained that the goal of their project “was to implement a new GIS solution and integrate it with the corporate ESB IT landscape” and involved replacing, enhancing, and extending capabilities provided by three legacy applications.

The consolidated solution, built on Intergraph G/Technology, futureproofs the maintenance of ESB’s electrical network model and enables close integration with other business-critical systems, including ESB Networks’ operations management system, SynerGEE planning application, and SAP asset registration and maintenance management solution among others. In the words of ESB “The ESBN GIS serves as a single enterprise solution for the full life-cycle management of ESB Networks' network assets, improving workflow efficiencies and integrating seamlessly with other business-critical systems”.

The implementation was led by Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure working in close partnership with its Irish partner, IMGS and supported by Rolta.

The award, which was announced at the GIS Ireland annual conference, was formally presented at a ceremony on November 18th to coincide with world GIS Day.  The IRLOGI Space and Place Awards are held annually and to give independent recognition of exemplary work and best practice in the field of geographic information and location-based services and technology.

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