Madhya Pradesh Police Improves Emergency Services with Integrated Suite of Public Safety Software

Needing to deliver better emergency services across India’s second-largest state, Madhya Pradesh Police deployed Hexagon's integrated suite of public safety software to reduce response times and improve services to its citizens.

The Challenge

Madhya Pradesh is the second-largest state in India with 51 districts and 72 million people, many of which are in remote areas with limited access and connectivity to emergency services.

Faced with geographic and infrastructure challenges, Madhya Pradesh Police sought to deploy a unified command-and-control system that would reduce response time and improve service to its citizens across the state.

The Solution

The Madhya Pradesh Police implemented an integrated suite of public safety software for emergency call-handling and dispatching from Hexagon's Safety & Infrastructure division.

Madhya Pradesh Police’s solution features Hexagon's industry-leading computer-aided dispatch (CAD) software and an integration platform that enables the organization to develop interfaces to other IT systems. The solution expands Madhya Pradesh Police’s incident response capabilities through map-based views of calls, events and units in the field. The agency’s field officers have in-car access to information in real time to optimize efficiency and improve situational awareness.

Hexagon’s software aids Madhya Pradesh Police in dealing with nearly 100,000 calls per day from 27 cities. The solution has helped reduce response times in urban areas from 30-60 minutes to five minutes or less.

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As the response time of the police has reduced, people are much more confident of their safety and feel safer now.

B.M. Shakya

Police Superintendent of Radio Madhya Pradesh Police