Enhance asset condition, inform operations, and optimize safety.

Case Study
High speed train in Italy
Rete Ferroviaria Italiana Uses GIS to Monitor and Maintain Rail Network
Needing to integrate its enterprise data and automate operational process, Rete Ferroviaria Italiana implemented a GIS solution, video databases, and weather forecast indicators to streamline railway network monitoring and maintenance.

Rail operations are among the most complex and geographically distributed asset-based businesses. They combine engineering, multiple utility networks, extensive property assets, and more.

Our proven, integrated rail solutions help operators balance multiple factors – from safety to capacity to quality of service – to achieve success. We serve some of the world’s largest rail and metro systems, from Deutsche Bahn to New York Metropolitan Transit Authority.

Our asset management solutions support networks that carry half of Europe’s heavy rail passengers, while our safety and security solutions protect five billion rail passengers a year in North America and Europe.


Inform Actions

Build, share, and utilize a more comprehensive, current, and reliable location-based information picture for evidence-based decisions and greater insight.

Maximize Safety

Reduce disruption and enhance safety for passengers, employees, and property through improved asset condition and faster incident response.

Optimize Resources

Make better use of resources – from budgets, to land and property, to information and personnel – for safe, efficient, and effective operations.

Visualize assets, integrate data, and do more with limited resources.
Land & Property
Control your property holdings, generate shareholder value, and reduce your total cost of ownership.
Safety & Security
Identify safety risks, improve response capabilities, and protect critical infrastructure.