Intergraph InSight Reporting

Build and share interactive reports and dashboards.



Intergraph InSight Reporting is a platform for quickly building and sharing interactive reports and dashboards. It delivers data models and pre-built reports for Intergraph Computer-Aided Dispatch and connects to third-party data sources.

Intergraph InSight Reporting removes the reliance on specialist data management and analysis skills to prepare source data and develop new reports, reducing costs and enabling agencies to respond quicker to their stakeholders’ needs.

Intergraph InSight Reporting delivers deeper insight by leveraging multiple data sources without additional licensing fees and restrictions. Additionally, it increases awareness and improves communication through clear reports delivered automatically or on demand.


Public Safety & Security
Easier Data Management

Prepare source data and develop new reports without needing specialist data management and analysis skills.

Public Safety & Security
Multi-Source Reporting

Gain deeper insight by leveraging multiple data sources without additional licensing fees or feature restrictions.

Public Safety & Security
Increase Agency Awareness

Improve agency awareness and stakeholder communications to support decision making, resource allocation, and vital initiatives.


Dynamic Reports and Dashboards

Easily create dynamic, visual reports and dashboards that users of every skill level can interpret.

Comprehensive, Pre-Built Reports

Generate 26 pre-built reports that provide insight into the most common focus areas of public safety and dispatch.

In-Depth Analysis

Connect to third-party data sources as well as I/CAD to provide deeper level of analysis.

Historic Data Accessibility

Pull information from an agency’s archive of historical information to provide the data points needed to aid decision-making.

Performance Monitoring

Provide views of strategic information to help decision-makers monitor performance in near-real time and immediately react.

Cloud-Based Sharing

Use Microsoft Power BI to publish reports and dashboards to the Power BI cloud service for sharing and collaboration.

Automatic Report Scheduling

Use Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services to automatically schedule and send reports to stakeholders via email.


Create mobile reports that can be viewed in full, visual detail on any mobile device via web browsers and email.

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