Intergraph Damage Assessment

Optimize outage management and utility restoration using current data.

Damage Assessment Software

When storms strike, extensive physical damage can leave power outage managers without the data they need to assess and prioritize utility restoration efforts. Intergraph Damage Assessment assists storm management by coordinating and facilitating rapid collection and assessment of storm damage that enables planners to make informed decisions on restoration efforts that will maximize restoration rates. It provides tools for strategic utility restoration planning, field data collection, and real-time analysis.

Importantly, it is built on open industry interoperability standards, enabling it to work with most outage management systems (OMS) and geographic information systems (GIS).

Deployment is fast and cost effective, enabling field personnel to use tablets to quickly and accurately record the specifics of damage at each inspection area. Crews’ progress is tracked in real time with analysis tools in the dashboard, helping utilities direct inspections, prioritize restoration areas, and get the lights on faster than ever before.


Utilities & Communications
Direct & Execute Inspections

Deploy tablets to quickly document and communicate damage at assigned locations and direct and track crews and progress.

Utilities & Communications
Enhance Analytics

Display damage reports, outages, and crew locations to determine the extent of damage, estimate outage durations, and optimize restoration strategy.

Utilities & Communications
Integrate & Process Data

Utilize industry-standard, interoperable messaging to readily integrate data from OMS, GIS, materials, AVL, and other vital sources.

Intergraph NetWorks
Extend your Intergraph G/Technology capabilities and connect your enterprise to its network model.
Intergraph InService
Restore power quickly and efficiently.
Intergraph G/Technology
Plan, design, and document the network and apply information.