GIS & Geospatial Data Management

Create, integrate, and analyse geospatial data to extract compelling intelligence and deliver actionable information.
GeoMedia Smart Client
Easily deploy highly focused, map-based workflows to the office or the field via the web.
GeoMedia WebMap
Publish high-performance, highly capable web mapping sites and web services with a click of a button.
Geospatial Portal
Deliver functionally rich, interactive 2D and 3D experiences via browsers.
Automate geospatial data discovery and cataloguing, optimize image storage, and accelerate delivery.
Geospatial SDI
Ensure adherence to OGC, INSPIRE, and ISO standards for web services and metadata.
Mobile MapWorks
Configurable, simple-to-deploy mobile mapping apps.
Mobile Alert
Simple, affordable, cloud-based crowdsourcing of location-based information on incidents and infrastructure.