The New Face of Security

Security teams must continuously find ways to provide more efficient and effective methods to patrol and monitor facilities, respond to alarms, and analyze events. At the same time, they must cut costs, due to limited budgets and the ever-increasing commoditization of the security world.

The partnership between Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure and Gamma 2 Robotics enables security teams to deploy autonomous robot(s) to augment, and in some cases, extend tasks traditionally performed by humans to cut costs while providing a high level of security to their facilities. Using Hexagon's security and monitoring software, these robots (known as RAMSEE), provide a consistent physical presence and serve as a powerful force multiplier for security teams. RAMSEE can autonomously or manually patrol a facility or site using Hexagon’s software, while at the same time delivering real-time data regarding intruders, motion, heat, fire, smoke, gas, and more. Hexagon security suite’s common operating picture integrates data streamed from RAMSEE with feeds from other sensors to deliver a live, map-based view of the area.


Public Safety & Security
Gain Visibility

Security officers can monitor and interact with multiple, geographically dispersed locations in real time from anywhere in the world.  

Public Safety & Security
Increase Situational Awareness

Data from RAMSEE can be combined with unlimited third-party sensors to provide a map-based common operating picture.

Public Safety & Security
Reduce Costs

Enable security teams to augment tasks traditionally performed by humans, reducing labor and turnover costs.


Hexagon's safety and monitoring software and Gamma 2 Robotics' solution integrate to give security teams the ability to design and execute custom patrols, as well as manually control RAMSEE on the fly to investigate target areas.  Custom patrols are created using checkpoints where RAMSEE can preform actions like flash lights, use sirens, say phrases, preform image or video analytics, and raise or lower platforms.

Easy to set up and deploy, RAMSEE provides a consistent security presence by performing both autonomous and human-guided patrols, even in total darkness.  RAMSEE includes a LiDAR scanner to automatically create maps of the environment while ensuring that any potential obstacles are avoided during patrols.

Hexagon’s safety and security software can combine data collected from RAMSEE with a nearly unlimited number of third-party mobile and stationary sensors and systems. Teams can then view, interpret, analyze, and act on information from multiple data sources in a map-based common operating picture. This solution also enables security teams responsible for managing the security of multiple locations to monitor RAMSEE and other sensors from a centralized monitoring command center.

RAMSEE is equipped with a wide variety of sensors that feed data on intruders, motion, heat, fire, smoke, gas, and more into the Hexagon-based command-and-control environment in real time. Generate custom alarms when sensor thresholds created by your team are exceeded or anomalies detected.  RAMSEE can also display real-time video from four discrete cameras, including forward-looking infrared (FLIR), 180-degree forward-facing camera, 180-degree rear-facing camera, and head-mounted PTZ camera.

Detect and respond to alarms triggered by RAMSEE and/or other third-party sensors and systems integrated into Hexagon's safety and monitoring software. The command-and-control interface allows you to ensure your staff follows the correct response procedure by implementing standard operating procedures displayed during an alarm.

With RAMSEE's video-conferencing and voice capabilities, operators will be capable of interacting with people without endangering themselves. 

Save time with automated report delivery. Monitor RAMSEE's daily activities and other sensors with activity reports that allow users to measure performance and gain insight into previous shift activity.  Notifications regarding high-priority alarms are e-mailed to the appropriate staff member to ensure immediate response.

Introducing RAMSEE
Introducing Gamma 2 Robotics' new security patrol robot, RAMSEE, who will change the world of security. He never rests and operates at a fraction of the cost normally paid for cameras, technology, and guard services.
Intergraph Security
Rapidly and effectively detect, assess, and respond to threats.
Industrial Safety & Security
Reduce downtime, enhance response to accidents and threats, and improve personnel safety and asset security.