The City of Virginia Beach Selects Intergraph GeoMedia 3D for Municipal Map Production

Intergraph’s GeoMedia 3D enhances the City of Virginia Beach’s map request and production capabilities.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., January 13, 2012

The City of Virginia Beach, the most populous city in Virginia, reaps the benefits of GeoMedia 3D, a GeoMedia add-on product that extends the functionality of Intergraph’s geospatial solutions through an integrated 3D visualization and analysis environment.

The City of Virginia Beach utilizes Intergraph’s latest addition to the GeoMedia product suite to produce more intuitive 3D appraisal maps (maps showing the location, dimensions and other information pertaining to a parcel of land subject to property taxes) as well as maps requested by other city departments. Virginia Beach is the 39th largest city in the United States and encompasses 307 square miles. The city’s adoption of GeoMedia 3D for its municipal planning has proven to be a time-saving and cost-effective measure.

“With GeoMedia 3D, our geographic information systems (GIS) technicians and analysts can respond to map requests quickly and efficiently. Intergraph’s software builds the 3D environment from our existing data without a lot of effort, dramatically cutting down on the time it takes to fulfill a map request,” said Rob Jessen, GIS Coordinator, City of Virginia Beach. In the future, the city plans to utilize GeoMedia 3D as an underground mapping tool for utilities.

The Intergraph GeoMedia product suite is a set of well-integrated applications that provide a wide range of geospatial processing capabilities. GeoMedia 3D provides the ability to visualize, navigate, analyze, manipulate and display 3D data natively in GeoMedia while still leveraging the power and precision of Intergraph’s core geospatial solutions. It also provides seamless integration of the capabilities of GeoMedia with a new 3D map window that represents geospatial datasets in three dimensions. With GeoMedia 3D, users are able to navigate with full freedom of movement in all dimensions to completely evaluate geospatial assets and analytical results, leading to quicker decisions and stronger situational awareness.

Governments, businesses and organizations will gain a clearer understanding of visual and map data to reduce errors that can arise from the misinterpretation of images. This functionality enhances infrastructure management, land information management, geospatial intelligence exploitation and production, cartographic production and public safety and security solutions, providing a more realistic reporting and analysis across all solutions where GeoMedia is deployed.

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