South Carolina Department of Transportation Chooses Intergraph’s GeoMedia 3D

Intergraph’s GeoMedia 3D offers South Carolina Department of Transportation accurate, cost-effective project management.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., January 27, 2012

South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT), responsible for 62 percent of South Carolina roads, selected Intergraph’s GeoMedia 3D to visualize three-dimensional (3D) surface models in pre-construction project planning, resulting in a more accurate estimate of expenditures associated with the engineering of project alternatives.

Utilizing this type of assessment helps SCDOT lower project costs and establish more confidence in project completion dates through a more realistic representation of their data in 3D.

“With regard to corridor planning, GeoMedia 3D provides us with the ability to examine all factors that have a significant impact on a project,” said Donny McElveen, GIS Manager, SCDOT. “Now, we can conduct a 3D fly-through of corridor alternatives, which allows us to effectively visualize the interaction of various land use components. This, in turn, helps us mitigate the risk associated with each project.”

GeoMedia 3D is the latest addition to the Intergraph GeoMedia product suite, a set of well-integrated applications that offer a wide range of geospatial processing capabilities. GeoMedia 3D is a GeoMedia add-on product that extends the functionality of Intergraph’s geospatial solutions through an integrated 3D visualization and analysis environment. You can visualize, navigate, analyze, and interact with 3D data natively in GeoMedia. In addition, users can dynamically integrate surfaces, imagery, feature data, and vector data to provide a 3D view of all data sources in a GeoMedia 3D map window. Intergraph’s GeoMedia 3D addresses the growing demand for realistic 3D views of geospatial data and enables the GeoMedia community to work in a 3D environment.

“We are proud to see South Carolina Department of Transportation, uniquely tailoring Intergraph GeoMedia 3D to address their individual mapping needs,” says Steve Powers, Vice President, Intergraph Corporation. “With the growing demand of 3D visualization in various infrastructure management organizations, GeoMedia 3D can be utilized as a horizontal solution across all industries and sectors. We are excited to see what innovative solutions our customers gain from GeoMedia 3D in the future.”

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