SmartAgriculture Software Enables Usina Açucareira Guaíra to Automate Line Generation for Crop Rows

Brazilian sugar mill implements automatic pilot system to save time and increase production.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., June 05, 2013

Usina Açucareira Guaíra, one of the largest sugar mills in Brazil, recently implemented a SmartAgriculture system for automatic generation of lines for crop rows.

SmartAgriculture provides better security and reliability for planting, pulverization and harvesting, and increases the number of planting lines for crop rows per hectare when compared to the conventional method. By using the automatic pilot, Usina Açucareira Guaíra is able to increase the number of lines for crop rows, increasing the amount of sugar cane that can be produced. SmartAgriculture was developed by SISGRAPH, and based on Intergraph's GeoMedia.

"With the SmartAgriculture system, it is now possible to have a spatial view of the entire plot area before initializing the work, saving both time and fuel," said Alfredo Barbosa Neto, coordinator of geo-technology at Rosário Farm, a branch of Usina Açucareira Guaíra. "By using the new technology, we have already projected more than 1,000 hectares of planting area. Imagine the number of additional plants this software will generate for all the farms owned by Usina Açucareira Guaíra."

Tractors are equipped with a GPS controlled by the SmartAgriculture system and installed into the automatic pilot system. Leveraging the power of GIS, the production equipment is able to better maneuver plots containing curves and obstacles, resulting in more consistent lines for the crops. The SmartAgriculture technology also allows users to store the results in a geographic database. SmartAgriculture technology can be used on any equipment, regardless of the model or manufacturer. Additionally, the system allows Usina Açucareira Guaíra to analyze alternative planting projects and choose which plot will result in the best productivity, economy and coverage.

"The process for generating lines automatically for crop rows has improved dramatically; what used to waste a lot of time for us on each project, now only takes only a few minutes, so the planting team has more time to analyze all the projects and check for accuracy," said Alfredo.

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