Organizations Honored with Highest Customer Distinction at Hexagon 2011

Intergraph Security, Government and Infrastructure Icon Awards recognize visionary industry and government leaders.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., June 08, 2011

Intergraph SG&I presents the 2011 Icon Award, the company’s highest customer honor, to recognize one winner and three nominees for their visionary use of Intergraph’s enterprise engineering and geospatial software. The Icon Award winner and nominees were announced today during keynote presentations at Hexagon 2011 in Orlando, Florida, USA, the first international users’ conference that combines Intergraph, ERDAS, Leica Geosystems and Hexagon Metrology technologies.

Fairfax County Department of Public Safety Communications (DPSC), a dedicated law enforcement and fire response agency in the state of Virginia, was announced as the Icon Award winner. Nominees of this prestigious award were selected based on their continued partnership with Intergraph, as well as their ability to yield positive results using Intergraph software. In addition to Fairfax County, the 2011 Icon Award nominees include Aurora Energy, an energy and network industry of Tasmania that generates, distributes and retails electricity; City of Zurich, the largest municipal government of Switzerland and British Transport Police (BTP), the national police force for Britain’s railways. These organizations have innovatively utilized Intergraph software to significantly benefit business operations, as well as the customers that support them.

“We value businesses and industries that uniquely achieve business goals using Intergraph solutions, says John Graham, President, Security, Government & Infrastructure (SG&I), Intergraph Corporation, “Intergraph takes pride in learning from its customers; and with the Icon Award, we distinguish those who have used our engineering and geospatial solutions to empower their vision and in turn, educate Intergraph teams on solutions that better serve its customers in the future.”

Icon Award Winner Profile

The Fairfax County Department of Public Safety Communications (DPSC) serves as the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) for the county, handling more than 1,000,000 calls per year. It is the largest PSAP in the State of Virginia and one of the 10 largest in the nation.

Fairfax County utilized Intergraph’s comprehensive public safety suite to migrate its public safety architecture to an integrated computer-aided dispatch (CAD) and public safety records management system\ (RMS), including public safety communications, as well as police, fire and rescue and emergency medical services records management. This integrated public safety information architecture enabled Fairfax County to achieve data sharing to support key public safety lines of business and provide flexibility in responding to both internal and external data sharing requirements. It also allowed augmentation of the county’s enterprisewide geographic information system (GIS) to support automatic vehicle location (AVL), automatic vehicle routing recommendations (AVRR), broadband and automated field reporting functionality.

Through a collaborative effort, Fairfax and Intergraph teams have helped Fairfax move from a series of dispersed applications to one common platform. This opened opportunities for efficient mutual aid response in a regional CAD-CAD capability, not commonly available in previous generations of CAD systems and functionality.

Icon Nominee Profiles

Aurora Energy, an Intergraph utility customer for the last 20 years, is expanding its services into the communications industry. Aurora utilized Intergraph’s Fiber Optic Works solution for its enterprisewide communication design and asset management system. With Fiber Optic Works, Aurora efficiently managed the circuit complexity of a geospatially dispersed communications network, integrating it into one system.

Aurora’s input into the enhancements of Intergraph’s Fiber Optic Works has created a functionally rich product based on current, practical experience and strong communications industry knowledge. Aurora is currently planning and budgeting to expand its Outage Management suite to a full distribution management system (DMS).

Zurich, Switzerland’s largest city, has been a devoted customer of Intergraph for more than 20 years. Zurich has chosen multiple Intergraph solution products that incorporate geospatial data into its multifaceted, municipal departments, including: geomatics and survey, the civil engineering office, waste disposal and recycling, city police, protection and rescue and public transport. By adopting Intergraph software for across-the-board operations, Zurich can provide reliable, cost-effective data and services to government workers and citizens of Zurich.

British Transport Police (BTP) is a key police force for security planning during the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, scheduled to take place in London. The high volume of people will utilize all aspects of Britain’s transportation system, specifically railways and road networks. BTP selected ERDAS APOLLO Advantage to store and share gridded data and support requirements of the spatial information infrastructure (SII), an environment organized to guarantee sharing of critical information between security partners.

By using ERDAS APOLLO, BTP can enable interoperability for multiple national agencies. The system will provide access to a wide range of business requirements, including operational and strategic planning, crime analysis and civil contingency planning.

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